Hello there! You can just call me Bubbles, welcome to my blog! The way I view this is that I really enjoy learning about so many different subjects most of which are based around technology (details on that below) and while I am building something or diving head first into a subject I will usually nerd out about whatever it is to the people around me even if they dont really know a lot about it, so to alleviate that from those around me I will instead write about it here! :D

Why a blog though?

The whole idea of making a blog came from when I was applying for some programming positions a few years ago. I was applying for a web scraping position and I was given a task to scrape X site on a specific page because that was an example of work Id be given officially if I got the job. Well I got the data after a few problems and it was a very fun time, when I gave them the requested data they told me the next step was to prove that I did it. In my head I had NO CLUE how I could do that, but then I realized I could just do what I love doing and completely nerd out and explain in excruciating detail how I did it, what problems I ran into, how I solved those issues, why I made the decisions I made, and why my solutions worked. By the end the document was seven pages which isnt really long but I had a lot of fun just talking about my experience and I thought that it would probably be a great idea to have a blog where I can just talk about my projects and the things I learn about.

Goals and what to expect

So if I am being honest I dont have many HUGE goals in mind. I dont care if this pops off and many people read it. If even just one person enjoys the logs I leave behind that is a success in my book. In the end all I want to do is document my projects and talk about the cool things I learn about and the things I love. For one day when I am discussing with someone about one of those projects or a topic I have written about that explains something in better detail I can just share the link to the post and they can read more about it if they are interested or are wanting help with the subject it pertains to! Programming wise you will see I write things mostly in Python, C, and C#, but I also know a little bit of Lua, JavaScript, and GoLang. I did mention that I would potentially talk about other topics too. Those topics are Electronics, Servers, Networking, Radios, Locks, and Languages such as Japanese. A lot of those subjects Im still relatively a beginner in but none the less Im still eager to learn more and share all the things I learn about here!